Another red light. He palms his chin, taps the steering wheel. Sport-plus-shopping traffic. Next to him his wife is silent. What a way to spend Saturday morning, stuck in the car with her in a mood. His head hurts from last night. That’s why she’s pissed off. Green, but only two cars make it through. The hulking yellow and blue sign taunts in the distance. Bloody IKEA. He can’t stand the place. Full of pregnant women nesting. Her mother coming from the UK and they have to set up Home Beautiful. Bed. Lamp. Side table. Even a rug. What’s the point in her visiting now? She hasn’t said a word since they left home. Neither will he. Play that game. Good at it. Coloured streamers on cars. Must be junior grand final. Rather be cheering on the sidelines instead of shopping. Makes a fist – small as this, he was. Small enough to fit in his hand. Their boy. Won’t think about it. No one’s fault. Don’t think about it. Green. Slams on the accelerator. This time he’ll make it through.

From Loopholes, a collectionof 67 microfictions, all under 250 words. Designed and illustrated by Bettina Kaiser. Published by Spineless Wonders, December 2016.