Loopholes is a collection of 67 microfictions, all under 250 words. Humans at their most hilarious, vulnerable and offbeat. Designed and illustrated by Bettina Kaiser.

Published by Spineless Wonders, December 2016.

Finalist in the Small Press Network’s Most Underrated Book Award (MUBA) 2017.

Shattered glass, shifting shadows – these insights into the psyche are both chilling and hilarious. Ernest Hemingway, eat your heart out.

Carmel Bird

To succeed, microfiction must combine efficiency of text with immediacy of imagery and neat narrative twists, all in a space small enough for a single reading. It’s an artform that Susan McCreery shows a masterly command of.


Ranging in length from a page to four lines, Susan McCreery’s vivid glimpses into diverse lives and situations will amuse, shock and inspire you.

Emeritus Professor
Elizabeth Webby AM

Susan McCreery is a writer of insight and compassion who understands the complexities of human connection. Better than that, she is sharp, funny and unpredictable.

Ali Jane Smith

Reading McCreery’s one-page stories is like being a kid holding a Whitman’s Sampler Box and trying to pick your favourite chocolate. Yum, gritty as pistachio. Yum, creamy as caramel. Of course, I had to devour all of them in one sitting.

Julie Chevalier

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