All the Unloved

All the Unloved is a novella set in an apartment block in 1990s Bondi.  Published February 2023 by Spineless Wonders. Cover design by Bettina Kaiser.

Despite evoking the languor of Bondi beachside life, the prose is terrifically compressed, with diamond-like sentences and snippets the reader will pore over at least twice, just to marvel at how much can be conveyed in so few words. And there’s an emotional intensity to the human drama, as different incarnations of love, from maternal love to unrequited desire, make plays for the light in a world of surf and sun.

Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald 11/2/23 (Fiction Pick of the Week)

McCreery writes in staccato bursts, her prose a convincing simulacrum of lives briefly shared in corridors and stairwells. And while drama abounds, the real poignancy is in the mundane routines of everyday existence. Tender, complex and insightful, All the Unloved is the warm embrace of a past you’ve almost forgotten.

Bram Presser, A Book for Ants: Bite-Sized Reviews of Snack-Sized Books