For the past 25 years, Susan has worked as a proofreader for publishers such as the University of Queensland PressHarperCollins/ABC BooksNewSouth PublishingMurdoch BooksAllen&UnwinReader’s DigestSpineless Wonders, and the bimonthly Australian Geographic (recent winner of specialist magazine for the third time).

A selection of titles 

HarperCollins/ABC Books Fair Game by Steve Cannane; Resilient by Mitchell Johnson; Say Hello by Carly Findlay; The Mindful Kind by Rachael Kable; Tech Diet for Your Child & Teen by Brad Marshall; New Zealand Rugby Folkore by Matt Elliott; Now for Something Sweet by the Monday Morning Cooking Club; Anxiety by Dr Mark Cross; LOUD by Tana Douglas; The Altar Boys by Suzanne Smith; Barrenjoey Road by Neil Mercer and Ruby Jones; Flesh Made New by John Rasko and Carl Power; House of Kwa by Mimi Kwa; Whole Notes by Ed Ayres; Life Admin Hacks by Mia Northrop and Dina Rowe-Roberts; Wentworth: The Final Sentence by Erin McWhirter; Love and Other Puzzles by Kimberley Allsopp; Diplomatic: A Washington Memoir by Joe Hockey (with Leo Shanahan); A Question of Age by Jacinta Parsons; My Dream Time by Ash Barty (continuity read)

University of Queensland Press 

Poetry: The Special by David Stavanger; The Hazards by Sarah Holland-Batt; Rosemary Dobson Collected; Ashes in the Air by Ali Alizadeh; Gap by Rebecca Jessen; Surface to Air by Jaya Savige; Starlight by John Tranter; 1953 by Geoff Page; The World Last Night by MTC Cronin

Fiction: Blood and Ghost River by Tony Birch; The Comfort of Figs by Simon Cleary; Heat and Light by Ellen van Neerven; Letters to the End of Love by Yvette Walker; Burning Down by Venero Amanno; The Last Days of Ava Langdon by Mark O’Flynn; Gone by Jennifer Mills; Grace’s Table by Sally Piper; The Promise Seed by Cass Moriarty; The Conversation by David Brooks

Short story collections: The Rest Is Weight by Jennifer Mills; Portable Curiosities by Julie Koh; Peripheral Vision by Paddy O’Reilly; We Are Not the Same Anymore by Chris Somerville

Memoir: Ransacking Paris by Patti Miller; Ten Hail Marys by Kate Howarth; The Young Widow’s Book of Home Improvement by Virgina Lloyd

Non-fiction: Inventing Her Own Weather by Karen Lamb; Fair Food, ed. Nick Rose; Destroying the Joint, ed. Jane Caro; The Black War by Nick Clements; American Stories by Michael Brissenden;  Edward Koiko Mabo by Noel Loos and Koiko Mabo; Peacemongers by Barry Hill; One Thousand Cuts by Rod Moss; Seduced by Logic by Robyn Arianrhod

Ptilotus Press Living in Hope: The Complete Memoirs of Frank Byrne by Frank Byrne, with Frances Coughlan and Gerard Waterford

Black Inc. The Sex Lives of Australians: A History by Frank Bongiorno

NewSouth Publishing Collecting for the Nation ed. Jennifer Sanders; Misfits & Me by Mandy Sayer

Spineless Wonders White Light by Mark O’Flynn; Dear Writer Revisited by Carmel Bird; The Great Unknown ed. Angela Meyer; The Glove Box and Other Stories by Vivienne Plumb; Panthers and the Museum of Fire by Jen Craig; My Hearts Are Your Hearts by Carmel Bird; Crime Scenes ed. Zane Lovitt; My Life & Other Fictions by Michael Giacometti; What You Might Find by Richard Holt; the Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award series 2018, 2019, 2020; Siarad by Caroline Reid; The Asparagus Wars by Carol Major; The Most Famous Boy in Town by Bel Schenk (forthcoming)

Zerogram Press (USA) Wall by Jen Craig

Academic journals ‘Comparing extraction rates of fossil fuel producers against global climate goals’ by Rekker, O’Brien, Humphrey, Pascale in Nature Climate Change, May 2018

National Library of Australia Publishing World Heritage Sites of Australia by Peter Valentine; Courageous Kids and Their Amazing Adventures; Dear Mutzi by Tess Scholfield-Peters (forthcoming)

Australian Geographic (proofreader for magazine) latest Australian Geographic, issue 179, March–April 2024 (forthcoming); Silo Art: Australia’s Outdoor Art Revolution by Alasdair McGregor; TRAVEL: Australia’s Wild Places, Sept 2022; TRAVEL: Journeys by road, rail and water, May 2022; TRAVEL: Australia’s Quiet Places, 2021; Urban Wild, 2021; Australian Geographic Book of Islands, 2019; Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2019