Waiting for the Southerly

Waiting for the Southerly, Susan McCreery

Waiting for the Southerly was published by Ginninderra Press in 2012

Commended in the Anne Elder Award 2012 for a first book of poetry

42 pp poetry collection


This first book is packed with clear-eyed veracity, offers a shining resilience, personal insight and shared comfort…we are enjoined, a chorus.

Les Wicks

These are works of elegant simplicity, built of language that is tough and resilient as tendons, yet with tenderness and poignancy to take your breath away. Susan’s voice speaks directly in your ear, intimate and honest in what is a poetic act of trust. This is a beautiful first book which won’t be her last.  

Richard Morecroft – broadcaster and author.

Susan McCreery is a poet who knows people, their pains and their delights, as well as she knows the turning of the seasons, the ocean in its moods. The book is notable for the succession of sharp images that focus the imagination to reveal a rich world beneath the cool, breeze-ruffled surface.

 Ron Pretty 

These poems walk a long tideline, along which a whole life is arrayed…childhood; marriage; Greece; birds; seasons; and above all, always, the sea and the light and the weather upon it. They read like aspects of a place on earth. They are humble and proud and softly-spoken. They are brave and wise and self-sufficient. The poems are melancholic—they know all things end, the beautiful and the violent equally. But they don’t despair. McCreery’s utterance is undemonstrative, careful, natural—lyric in its refusal of excess and banality and in its careful attention to the cadence and texture of things. Read these poems, and read them again. Take them, like a walk on the beach; sit with them like a meditation. 

Mark Tredinnick

Excerpts from Waiting for the Southerly


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